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US Department Of Justice Spent $4,200 on Muffins

officials spend a lot on foodThe report has found that the US Justice Department included biscuits costing $10 and muffins at $16 in the conference spending. The critics voiced an outrage at the spending presented in the internal audit that included $32-per-person snacks and $8 coffees.

The Department of Justice stated that it had accepted the data performed by the report and added that it had already taken specific steps to guarantee that such problems wouldn’t appear again. The annual budget deficit tops $1.4 trillion in the US owing over $14 trillion.

Department Exceeds Spending Limits

According to the report, it had been founded that at a legal conference held at a hotel near White House in August 2009 the US Justice Department spent $4,200 on 250 muffins. The spokeswoman of the Justice Department explained that at that time there were no strict measures on beverage and food spending.

The audit found out that in 2008 and 2009 the Department of Justice spent $121 million on over 1,800 conferences exceeding its own limits on spending. The amount of $600,000 was spent only on planning for five conferences. Following the reports of the department, particular actions to cut spending on conferences had already been taken and dropped in the first six months of the current year.

People Are Outraged

Chuck Grassley, the member of Republican Judiciary Committee, stated that people are outraged at the department spending. Basically, there is no surprise as some of them try to make ends meet borrowing money through paycheck loans, while officials spend such amounts on food and beverage.

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