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Casino Games – The Best Odds In The House

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Even though luck certainly is a factor when it comes to how often many casino games pay in favour of the player, it’s no secret that some games offer better odds than others. 

Below, we discuss some of these games. 


Blackjack is the perfect game for those who want to increase their chances of winning. In fact, it is one of the most popular casino games because of its low house edge. 

When considering a typical Blackjack game, we see that the house edge is around 1%. This means the casino has an advantage of roughly 1% over the player. 

Skilled Blackjack players, however, are usually able to reduce this percentage even further – in some cases to as low as 0.2%. Players accomplish this by using a method called basic Blackjack strategy. This is a strategy that teaches the player when to hit, stand, or split. 


What makes Baccarat such a great game odds-wise, is that it offers to players a bet with a relatively low risk. Also, it is a fairly simple card game, making it easy for anybody to understand. 

Baccarat features different types of bets. The house edge for the banker bet comes in at a miniscule 1.06%, while the house edge for the player bet is only 1.24%. There’s also a tie bet, but this one comes in at a slightly higher 14.36%. 


Next up on our list of lucrative casino games is Craps. 

The house edge for the pass line bet comes in at only 1.41%, and the house edge for the don’t pass line bet at an equally promising 1.36%. 

A good strategy for beginners would be to stick to the basic Craps bets. 

Video Poker

Video Poker is amazing fun and also offers a relatively low house edge. With Video Poker, the house edge can vary quite a lot depending on the game and its paytable. Still, it can be as low as 0.2%. 

The important thing to keep in mind is that super low house edges can only be achieved by using optimal strategy. This involves knowing which cards to hold onto, and which to get rid of. 


Roulette is a super-popular casino game at Lake Palace casino and at land-based venues too. Plus, it’s a game that’s been around for centuries. 

Roulette originated in France around the 18th century and has a colourful past. It was invented quite by accident, which makes it even more interesting. Historians believe that Blaise Pascal had been trying to invent a perpetual motion machine, and that his experiments ultimately led to the creation of a spinning wheel now known the world over as Roulette. 

Roulette comes in two main versions: American and European. The European version has the lower house edge and comes in at an impressive 2.70%. 

The difference in house edge (5.26% for the American version) is caused by the fact that American Roulette features an extra pocket with a 00 (double zero). 

Other fun facts about Roulette include: 

  • The wealthy and elite used to view Roulette as a sophisticated form of gaming entertainment. 
  • Roulette is easy to pick up on, regardless of experience level. 
  • People get quite passionate about Roulette. For this reason, Roulette tables are often placed in the center of the casino gaming floor, where people can be seen cheering for their favourite lucky numbers. 

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is another game that is becoming more popular in casinos all over the world, and mainly sow because of its favourable house edge. 

The game is played using a standard 52-card deck, including the Joker. For players, the aim is to construct two hands from a total of seven cards: a two-card hand and a five-card hand. 

Pai Gow Poker’s house edge is only 1.46%, which makes it a great choice for those looking for amazing odds. 

Caribbean Stud Poker

Players all over the world enjoy Caribbean Stud Poker, just like Roulette. 

This variation of traditional Poker is well known for offering great odds to players and is an entertaining game.  

Caribbean Stud Poker features a fixed set of rules determining the payouts for each hand. As such, players know exactly what they stand to win (or lose) before they even place their bets. 

Simply put, the game has a payout structure based solely on the strength of the player’s hand at any given time. 

Caribbean Stud Poker has a house edge of around 5%, which is much lower than most other casino games, including slots and even American Roulette. This means players have a better chance of pocketing a positive return in the long run. 


Backgammon is one of the oldest table games in the casino. In Backgammon, two players compete at any given time in a dice game played on a board. The aim is to move all your pieces off the board before your opponent does.  

Players can move their checkers to any open point on the board, or even to a point where they already have one or more of their checkers. 

If a player should land on a point where their opponent has only one checker in place, they can capture it and move it to a place called “the bar” (a separate area on the Backgammon board). 

Backgammon is an unusual but worthy addition to our list. The reason for this is that the level of skill of the player greatly affects the house edge. Online play is more common than in-person play at land-based casinos.  

Most important is for players to truly understand the specific rules and payout tables of the Backgammon game they are wanting to play. 

Final Thoughts About Odds

In conclusion, even while luck remains a factor in almost all types of gambling games, some games do offer much better odds than others. The games listed above all offer relatively low house edges. 

Finally, to greatly increase your chances of winning real money at the casino, it is vital to learn the rules of each game and develop (or follow) an optimal playing strategy. 

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